Hello! Welcome to MY DOMAIN! Many people may think that this is just a "me against the world" type of blog, and I just wanna get some things clarified right about....NOW. When I first set out to make a blog, I was thinking of the challenges I am most faced with on a day to day basis; that being my feeling of noone understanding me, and vice versa. I am sure there are some people who thinks the way I do..I just have yet to meet too many/any of them for that matter. I have always felt like an outcast, and have always been treated like one because of the way I may think, say or do; but as I got older, I had already adapted to being called weird, unique and all of thee above(nothing phases me now). But not only have I sprung back up with a complete sense of security, now I am bringing my curiousities of the wOrlD with me(everyone has their own issues, but it is up to acknowledge and re-adjust them)! I just wanna understand certain things about the people that resides on planet earth. Things like ..."why are some of y'all SO LOUD on the public buses," for instance....??? LOL! But...NO...THIS IS NOT A 'ME AGAINST THE WORLD' TYPE OF THING! I JUST REALLY REALLY REALLY WOULD LIKE TO GET TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THE PEOPLE THAT ARE OCCUPYING SPACE ON THE SAME PLANET AS I AM. I AM VERY INTRIGUED BY THE HUMAN MIND!!! HOPEFULLY, THIS HAS HELPED YOU UNDERSTAND WHERE I AM COMING FROM A LITTLE BIT MORE..IF YOU DIDN'T KNOW ALREADY. AND HOPEFULLY, I CAN START UNDERSTANDING WHERE YOU GUYS ARE COMING FROM(BECAUSE I AM PROBABLY TALKING ABOUT SOME OF YOU WHO ARE READING THIS RIGHT NOW..LOL!!!) SO, THIS IS MY CHALLENGE TO THE ENTIRE HUMAN RACE!!! I just ask that YOU GIVE your HONEST FEEDBACK on the things I write about. Who knows? Maybe I'll develop a string of optimism. Maybe I'll broaden my horizons(my mind)...with the way I think. YES ...that'd be GREAT!! TAKE CARE =D ;P

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Monday, June 6, 2011

My 'Understanding'


Sometimes "WE" as inDIVIDuals hav 2 check ourselves...we slowly but surely need 2 realize dat we are individuals, BUT then again, WE'RE NOT. I find it amazinq that one word can hav 2 completely different definitions. Case in point, DIVID in individual derives from the word divide. With that beinq said if DIVIDE means to seperate from, does that not mean dat we can be juss as inSEPERABLE as we can be SEPERATED FROM the rest of society?? This means that EVERY SINGLE HUMAM BEING does the SAME bs dat us "individuals" despise so much, we hav dha same problems/issues as 1 anotha, dha same solutions/outcomes as dha nxt person, dha same lives. This isn't meant to be taken so literally, but what I mean by this, is that just because you may not kno of ne person who's qoin thru wat ur qoin thru; dsnt mean dere not out dere sumwhere, dere is NO1 ON DIS EARTH who doesn't hav sum1 out dere w/problems lik dem. So is it safe 2 say dat we shall h8 ourselves for beinq lik dese 'opposers' dat does dese ineffable deeds dat "we want nothinq apart of"?? NO, but it does point out anotha solution, "let's NOT JUDGE outta dha respect dat WE ARE ALL HUMAN BEINGS. Dat WE R ALL GONNA MAK MISTAKES./4 dha fakt dat dere is sum1 else out dere lik dat stupid qurl who keeps qoin bck 2 her abusive boyfriend/dat retarded quy who continues his repetitive cycle of offendn society nd bein conviictd/dhat uniique person w|a weird sense of taste. 4 dha fakt dat we ourselves rnt 2 perfekt but kno it nd decides not 2 do nethnq abt it bcus we're 2 indenial. Let's NOT point out dha obvious w/o offerin an explication, dhis wld b associatd w/qenuine care/concern. Othawise, we're juss bein yet anotha oblivious person who onlii sees "dha biqqr picture(dha neqatives)" b4 we can even see dha little thnqs(dha positives) dat maks dha biqqr n betta thnqs n lyfe. If "we" tuk dha time n appreciatn dha little thnqs n lyfe, I quarantee dat biqqer picture wld luk a whole lot betta, by dha time u qet dere. As HUMAN BEINGS, we shld wrk w|da positives, havin faith dat dey'll encouraqe dha neqatives 2 disappear."

*s2s* . *s2ta* . *s2c* . *s2a* . *s2L4*

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