Hello! Welcome to MY DOMAIN! Many people may think that this is just a "me against the world" type of blog, and I just wanna get some things clarified right about....NOW. When I first set out to make a blog, I was thinking of the challenges I am most faced with on a day to day basis; that being my feeling of noone understanding me, and vice versa. I am sure there are some people who thinks the way I do..I just have yet to meet too many/any of them for that matter. I have always felt like an outcast, and have always been treated like one because of the way I may think, say or do; but as I got older, I had already adapted to being called weird, unique and all of thee above(nothing phases me now). But not only have I sprung back up with a complete sense of security, now I am bringing my curiousities of the wOrlD with me(everyone has their own issues, but it is up to acknowledge and re-adjust them)! I just wanna understand certain things about the people that resides on planet earth. Things like ..."why are some of y'all SO LOUD on the public buses," for instance....??? LOL! But...NO...THIS IS NOT A 'ME AGAINST THE WORLD' TYPE OF THING! I JUST REALLY REALLY REALLY WOULD LIKE TO GET TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THE PEOPLE THAT ARE OCCUPYING SPACE ON THE SAME PLANET AS I AM. I AM VERY INTRIGUED BY THE HUMAN MIND!!! HOPEFULLY, THIS HAS HELPED YOU UNDERSTAND WHERE I AM COMING FROM A LITTLE BIT MORE..IF YOU DIDN'T KNOW ALREADY. AND HOPEFULLY, I CAN START UNDERSTANDING WHERE YOU GUYS ARE COMING FROM(BECAUSE I AM PROBABLY TALKING ABOUT SOME OF YOU WHO ARE READING THIS RIGHT NOW..LOL!!!) SO, THIS IS MY CHALLENGE TO THE ENTIRE HUMAN RACE!!! I just ask that YOU GIVE your HONEST FEEDBACK on the things I write about. Who knows? Maybe I'll develop a string of optimism. Maybe I'll broaden my horizons(my mind)...with the way I think. YES ...that'd be GREAT!! TAKE CARE =D ;P

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Needing to be right...?¿

Being right, isn't what is always in our best interest-and we weren't put here to do so...but to accept the challenge of letting things go, and accepting them for what they are. This is something I've been...not so much trying to teach myself..but live by for awhile now. My issue is, I feel that if I am not right, I am not understood(giving the circumstance). I also feel that if you haven't gotten anyone to: understand where you're coming from; or shift their view of the issue, then you haven't proven anything. Conjoining, if you haven't proven yourself...then you aren't right..which means you're wrong. I have to learn to stop pairing the two together, seeing how a person can be understood and wrong at that same time. I also have to live with the fact that, just because you haven't changed someone's mind or given someone clarification of your actions-doesn't mean you were wrong...it just means that the two of you have a difference in understanding; agreeing to disagree!

Friday, June 24, 2011

My apologies

Do you apologize to someone, even though you already have a sense of how they'll react to it?

Friday, June 17, 2011

The name-calling misnderstanding. .

06/16/11 11:00pm

Hoe. Slut. Whore. Tramp. Us females have heard it all-but what is the definitive meaning of them all? What's really hidden in the context of these nasty, mean and hateful words?!! Dictionary.com says that a prostitute is someone who put one's talent to an unworthy use, while also stating that a whore is the same thing. Some say that getting paid is what ties the name in with that person whose committing the "shameful" act. Now that; I can understand...but then I am back at square one when opposers says that a female are these names when they're just sleeping around(note, that this female isn't putting a price on her goods, and I can understand this side as well). So which one is it? Are they all the same, or can one be distinguished from another? Is it when she's sleeping around for the sake of it? Is it when she's just sleeping around? What provokes it? The money? The number of partners in such a short time period? And most importantly, why aren't guys in the same category when they do it?!!!! I'm LOST !!!!

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Question! Is it possible to save yourself from searching for love in all the wrong places, if you have self-love? Many people, essentially teens, and mainly females go looking for love in al the wrong places; when it isn't at home. But; would any of this be likely hd the girl loved herself? Is self-love enough?!

Quote: Love is meant to be given freely and willingly or it isn't really love, it's captivity. (http://www.experienceproject.com/mobile/question-answer.php?q=173099)

This entry was inspired by: Priceless Inspirations by Antonia Carter. Very good book btw!

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Sleazy; easy; greedy; needy;?!! OR just a re-assured bad bxtch!!?

06/14/11. 3:52pm

When a woman is offered money upfront for sex, she feels sleazy... whereas if the guy spent that same amount of money throughout the time he spent w/the woman; then he'd be the man. It's as if it makes it worse that he let's the female know what his agenda is; raher than it being a "hidden agenda," and her knowing deep down inside what he really wants! Hmmm...Ok! Why is that?! I never quite understood! Does the effort makes all the difference? What do my fellas think of this? Most importantly, ladies-what do y'all think of this? Talk to me! What's on y'all minds?! ME?! Personally, I think that it I possible for a guy to approach a female, let her know what it is(a gentlemen would know exactly how to do this), and she'd either accept it or what it is or reject it(w/o attitude)! This would distinguish if she's a grown ass woman...or a "grown" ass girl. I believe it's all in how it is gone about. If the female is sure of herself and definite about what she wants, then she will be most certain with how she reacts to it. Now that's what you call a bad bitch!=)

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hmmm..Just a Thought !!!

no doubt about it, that my persistence & inquisitiveness is my strength. my intellect is my sanity. most definitely, overthinking-my weakness. my ups; da exact opposite of my downs, but mutually my ins & strength. misunderstandings; my downs, simultaneously da outs & ma insanity & weakness. Considering dat misunderstanding leads to lost&confusion & lost&confusion to disappointment, disappointment to pain, & pain to downs&outs. everything happens for a reason! but wat happens wen I no longer understand anything, anymore; wen my inquisitiveness coincides w/my persistence to understand & becomes nothing but my weakness, only utilizing it to overthink?! Hmm..just a thought of me OVERTHINKING-ironically!
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How many of you actually thinks this quote is true?! ELABORATE!!!

If you love someone, set them free. And if they return, then it was meant to be!
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Sunday, June 12, 2011

My theory. . .


Life is like writing a story. Your plot consists of three things: 1.)Understanding and acknowledging the purpose of Life(and/or what comes w/it). 2.)Establishing your own life as an individual here on Earth(your purpose of being here). & 3.)Making the best out of Life w/the resources & knowledge you have.
Your Setting; EARTH , ofcourse !
Time; ANY of the 24hrs(24hrs/day) of the 7days(7days/wk) of the 365days(365days/yr)lonnng year that you are able to take a breath !!!!
Your Problem: ...thinking you're not supposed to have problems..
Conflict: "yoU are yoUr own conflict! I believe that the only human being who can and will get in the way of yoUr growth-is yoU; therefore, yoU are yoUr own conflict within ! yoU step on yoUr own toes(as the saying goes) !"
Resolution: Truly understand & accept Life for what it is. Accept ALL that comes w/it. .the good, the bad; the happy, the sad; the ups, the downs-but utmostly; accept that it isn't gonna be all happy, fun & games. .there WILL be hard & disappointing times-FOR SURE, you just have to ride it out! Subsequently, DO NOT. . . .PLAY THE VICTIM !!!!
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What's really hidden in the context?!!....


What exactly does it mean when a person says dey don't care? Does it mean dey care about da situation, but not enough to discuss? Does it mean dey do care, but rather u'd think dey don't because they're hurtn/feeln unloved or uncared for? Does it mean dey care about da person, but not enough to deal with? OR does it mean dey jus really don't care? Wat do U get from it wen pple say dey don't care?
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What is L.O.V.E ?!!


L.O.V.E ! Choose it ! Refuse it ! Abuse it ! Misuse it ! Loose it ! Refuse it(AGAIN) ! & sometimes Re-use it & Re-do it(the same cycle all over AGAIN) ! As complicated as this cycle is, that doesn't make it any less valid; and most people will/have gone through this silly repetitive cycle! So let me ask yoU this. . .Wat makes the difference between having love for someone vs loving someone vs being in love w/someone?
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Where has the attentiveness gone?::Can you define the word "FAMILY" ?! May 24, 2011 2:07pm

- 'Nobody can do for you what family can' the saying goes. . .but why isn't it 'Nobody can do for you what family will'? #JustAThought, but the main people that go around complainin about what dis one aint doin 4 em & wat dat one aint doin 4 em; never STOP to think about da stuff dey not doin 4 da otha person dats on da otha end. Dey lik to fall victim to the "nobody loves me stage"; suck it da fxck up cause can yu say dat ur doin wat u want done 4 yu?! Wen yu can say dat u r, den yu can complain! & money speaks a serious conversation to majority of ppl; but why is it dat da family members dat ask 4 money to do stuff 4 u, are always da ones dat try2 play da family card wen yu wanna charge dem?! #JustThinkinq. .FAMILY ! Hmm..! Interestn word. .isn't it ?!
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Monday, June 6, 2011

SOCIETY:: A place OR a state of mind(assuming society uses their minds) ? {My *thoughts* on the way society 'thinks' =<} Pt.2...

Revised on 05/06/11 at 11:45am
~Is it the verifiable truth that I do(act)/say/think 'MY WAY,' that sets me apart from the wOrld ? Because I do(act)/say/think 'MY WAY'. . .I'm weiird ? Because I have a personality, and a mystifying one at that ? Because if the wOrld was an art piece, you couldn't paint me the same color(let alone, same shape/object) as all thee other mimicries ? Because I'm blunt instead of bland ? What EXACTLY is IT ? Seems as if you dare to be "different" by having a HEALTHy, FUNCTioning, WORKing brain that you prefer to use by 'thinking'; you risk bein. . .N O T HUMAN !

My Response to THAT:: "Why can't I just be ME ? LSB ? WITHOUT THE LABELS ? ! Sooo alternatively, you HAVE TO be weiird, you can't just be ummm... "what's the word again ?". . .SMART ? Oooo ok ! I get it now ! I finally comprehend the way the wOrld works ! I thought the purpose of having a brain, was to put it to use, but maybe that's just ME; after all, I am 'weiird'! What do I know ? "
-Date Unknown
~Why do you have to be a follower just because you caught onto a particular style/something after everyone else ?
Why can't that just mean you caught on when you started liking it ?
& Why when everyone else is off a specific style/word; you're expected to be off of it ? I feel like you have ur own freedom ! Do w/it whatcha want !

My Response:: "so it's eitha, be a follower or be a follower ? Because if you catch on when everyone else does, ur a follower(just because you didn't have it before the person that's callin u a follower.) ! If you catch on when you feel to catch on(afta everybody else), ur a follower; AGAIN(just because everyone else already has 'it') ! Got it !"
-Date Unknown
~ I'm changing my state of mind TODAY ! Starting with the term 'ghetto'; a person CAN NOT be ghetto if ghetto means low-income housing, #negative ! Often people categorize being loud, rude/obnoxious, & ignorant as being ghetto/being from the hood. . .well, no longer I think like that. From here on out, if a person is loud; rude/obnoxious; or ignorant, its because they just are, not because they're ghetto. The labels must fall. I'm thinking like Lavette. .NOT SOCIETY ! =]

What IF. . .


Just thinking back over my life; "What if my family actually got along and did civilized family ish(at least for the most part) ? What if my mother & I had a deepr bond ? What if 'E' wasn't an a-h*le who knew how to love ? What if my "father" hadn't failed me ? What if most ppl knew what it meant to be ALL of a friend ? What if I didn't need anger management ? What if Sickle Cell Disease didn't haunt me EVERY..FXCKN..DAY..OF MY LIFE ? What if the wOrld wasn't filled w/a bunch of contradictorial, judgemental, jealous, evil hypocrites ? What if society was just at peace w/theirselves & one another ? What if my parents were financially blessed ? & What if I still had faith in anything ?. . .#SAD thing is; that'll never happen" #FACT :'(

Forgive & Forget DOES NOT mean*= Forgive & Continue to associate with #I'mJustSaying 04/16/11 11:30am

I have always said, "you can only work things out w/ppl whose worth working them out with," and I will always live by that. A lot of people may not understand where I'm coming from when I say that. This doesn't mean that you befriend everyone you come across; it doesn't mean that you forgive everyone/noone for everything {because NOT EVERYBODY in your life is worth forgiving/not forgiving}. . .but it simply means that you treat the people in your life like office work. . .keep your associates where they belong{in the associates file}, only associate yourself with the family members/friends that you know is worth that much at least & forgive/work things out with the ones who YOU can say will be able to say the same thing about you{meaning; they feel like you're worth forgiving *fightn for* as well}! BUT; this doesn't change the fact that 'forgiving someone doesn't mean that you have to associate with them,' just as well as 'not forgiving someone, doesn't mean you hate them/can not associate w/them!' L.I.F.E is ALL ABOUT CHOICES; sometimes you may make the right choice & reap the benefits, and sometimes you may make the wrong choice & reap the downfalls & sometimes you may make the wrong choice and reap the downfalls & learn your lesson *preferably this one* L.I.F.E IS A GAME. . . . .yoU just gotta know how to play it !


Jan 18, 2011

Society is truly funny I tell you. This world coming to an end has qotta be thee best blessing that we could ever have.

Humans I tell you..they're funny. It is said that everyone makes mistakes, nobody's perfect, but does that mean you can keep throwing that line out there when mistakes have constantly been made? I THINK NOT. 2/3times could be called a mistake, anything beyond that is beyond measures of making a mistake. Is it safe to say that some people just aren't making mistakes, and that they're purposely lighting your fire? Now ask yourself, is it working? Are they getting to you?

Narrow-minded people I tell you. You know who they are, and if it ain't you, you know someone like that. They're the ones who accuses you of changing because you stop acting the way they want you to act. They're the ones whose quick to judge if you do/doing something outta THEIR ORDINARY. They're the ones who have a slight of self-esteem issues, a lack of confidence in themselves ever finding a friend as qood as you if the two of you were to ever part ways because of different lifestyles, this is why they try to keep you the same way they met you/the way they helped you change to; nothing more nothing less. OR, only more if they're more w/ya, same for less.

Doubl3E standard people. Umm..these people speak for themselves. DOUBLE STANDARD. A 2nd set of rules for themselves, some would like to explain it. Sociopaths who are always changing the rules to suit their needs, others would say, YOU CHOOSE. Perhaps they do this to avoid the fact that they just might not like themselves as well.

Hmmm...and my favorite, the CRUM SNATCHERS. Don't know what I mean by this? THE FREE-LOADERS. THE USERS. THE BITERS. THE HIT & RUNS...& etc. I CANNOT STAND THESE PEOPLE THE MOST. These people aren't always as obvious to seek out as you think they are, they're sneaky. They might be an obvious, out there free-loader, the ones who eats and run, the one who always calls you for a ride w/o offering any gas money; or perhaps the one who only comes over your house to watch your cable/use the computer. But then you also have the not so obvious ones, the ones who only text you to see if you wanna go w/them shopping but doesn't when they're going out to a club, or the ones who only call you when they're bored; these people need to be examined a lil longer to determine if they're a user/not. These people usually keep there distance. 9.5 times outta 10, you're their last option. The only one who will answer their text right away/period for that matta. The only one who cares to hear there bs, rather you really care/not. The only one who would do something as little/as boring as going food shopping w/them. The real friend...that they fail to see.

Then there's the fake people. The ones who firmly believe in in-betweens, they wanna be your frenemy, while the rest of society only believes that a person is either your friend; or they're your enemy. The sneaky, canniving, green-eyed monsters these people live within, can be so cold and emotionless at times. Now these people can be tricky as well. They'll always make you feel like they want what's best for YOU, trying to make you believe that their actions is solely based around that concept, and only that concept. What they fail to realize is that they use that line so much, that it almost seems as if they're trying to persuade themselves just as much as they're trying to persuade you to believe that crap. But a person whose 100% sure of what their mission is, doesn't need a support group. If these people have enough hate in them, they will most-likely stop at nothing to bring someone down(let's just hope that person isn't you). Most important fact, is that they don't just wanna bring you down, they wanna bring you even lower than their level of misery. They will say things like, "I'm just telling the truth," but their truth is ALWAYS NEGATIVE; why is that? They will talk about you behind your back, BUT NEVER TO YOUR FACE, and they will ALWAYS DENY having said anything. You could think of these people as the 'man on the inside.'


It's funny how the only people who hurt you are the ones who promised they won't ~ Sheri Roushdy

My 'Understanding'


Sometimes "WE" as inDIVIDuals hav 2 check ourselves...we slowly but surely need 2 realize dat we are individuals, BUT then again, WE'RE NOT. I find it amazinq that one word can hav 2 completely different definitions. Case in point, DIVID in individual derives from the word divide. With that beinq said if DIVIDE means to seperate from, does that not mean dat we can be juss as inSEPERABLE as we can be SEPERATED FROM the rest of society?? This means that EVERY SINGLE HUMAM BEING does the SAME bs dat us "individuals" despise so much, we hav dha same problems/issues as 1 anotha, dha same solutions/outcomes as dha nxt person, dha same lives. This isn't meant to be taken so literally, but what I mean by this, is that just because you may not kno of ne person who's qoin thru wat ur qoin thru; dsnt mean dere not out dere sumwhere, dere is NO1 ON DIS EARTH who doesn't hav sum1 out dere w/problems lik dem. So is it safe 2 say dat we shall h8 ourselves for beinq lik dese 'opposers' dat does dese ineffable deeds dat "we want nothinq apart of"?? NO, but it does point out anotha solution, "let's NOT JUDGE outta dha respect dat WE ARE ALL HUMAN BEINGS. Dat WE R ALL GONNA MAK MISTAKES./4 dha fakt dat dere is sum1 else out dere lik dat stupid qurl who keeps qoin bck 2 her abusive boyfriend/dat retarded quy who continues his repetitive cycle of offendn society nd bein conviictd/dhat uniique person w|a weird sense of taste. 4 dha fakt dat we ourselves rnt 2 perfekt but kno it nd decides not 2 do nethnq abt it bcus we're 2 indenial. Let's NOT point out dha obvious w/o offerin an explication, dhis wld b associatd w/qenuine care/concern. Othawise, we're juss bein yet anotha oblivious person who onlii sees "dha biqqr picture(dha neqatives)" b4 we can even see dha little thnqs(dha positives) dat maks dha biqqr n betta thnqs n lyfe. If "we" tuk dha time n appreciatn dha little thnqs n lyfe, I quarantee dat biqqer picture wld luk a whole lot betta, by dha time u qet dere. As HUMAN BEINGS, we shld wrk w|da positives, havin faith dat dey'll encouraqe dha neqatives 2 disappear."

*s2s* . *s2ta* . *s2c* . *s2a* . *s2L4*